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Newbie - Moss Trooper - 10 Nov 16

Hi People,
Here to introduce myself.  Ian is the name and birding is the game..  New to birding and the forum Smile ..  I used to dabble in astro astronomy but gave it up to the total lack of cooperation of the clouds.  Do decided to try something I could do in daylight, today I have been a birder for the awesome time of 3 weeks, thanks to a cheeky chaffy that sat on my garden fence.  Took a picture and hadn't a clue what it was, and as the say the rest is history, short as it may be.
I use a camera to shoot the birds and then figure out what the images are.  Now I have a bit of a bug for it.
Most of my photography is in my back garden, but I have spread my wings  Rolleyes  and was down the Don at the back of St Paul's last Friday and an interesting two hours it was too.
So that is a breif me..
Feel free to contact me, as I probably need all the help I can get  Big Grin

RE: Newbie - jarraman - 10 Nov 16

Welcome Ian, few birders on this site will help you out.  Lookout for Kingfisher down there as it makes a regular appeareance

RE: Newbie - Moss Trooper - 10 Nov 16

(10 Nov 16, 6:26 PM)jarraman Wrote:  Welcome Ian, few birders on this site will help you out.  Lookout for Kingfisher down there as it makes a regular appeareance

I found that out on Friday..  Just saw this blue streak shoot under the road bridge at St Paul's before I could get a bead on it  Smile

RE: Newbie - Marktwo - 12 Nov 16

I think the bird life around Jarrow is pretty marvellous nowadays, by comparison to what it was like in the old days when there was heavy industry and pollution. There again, I have never been a good birdwatcher, the things keep flying off! I find I see a lot more at my garden feeder (including coal tits, willow tits, bullfinches).

There are quite a lot of places in the area to watch birds, including East Boldon Flats, the reserve at the back of Primrose Hospital, and there is a reserve behind Brockley Whins metro.

RE: Newbie - jarraman - 12 Nov 16

Davy on this site informed me that before the tyne dock Nissan site was built it was a mega site for Owls and raptors.  Although those times have gone its interesting the new berry trees coming to fruition now.  The Waxwings that come in to Saxon Way to feed is amazing.

RE: Newbie - Marktwo - 14 Nov 16

Yes Jarrow Slake was a bit of a wildlife haven.

I love waxwings, though I haven't seen any this year yet.