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Full Version: Subscribing To Forums
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If you sometimes find that you miss posts on your favourite forum you can subscribe by 'clicking' on to forum tools on the top right of it's main page. Then you can can choose, daily or weekly emails which will let you know if anything new has been posted. Hope that helps Smile
Well thought out Tilly.

Maybe we can get more posts this way. Wink
Thanks Jarraman. I hoped that I'd explained it properly. I know that a post often catches my eye a couple of weeks after it's been posted. If you don't check everyday it's easy to miss something.
Those thread tools can be quite useful once you know that they are there!WinkSmile
Thankyou for the advice Tilly.
Thanks Pat. I hope that it helps keep people up to date. It works for a thread too (thread tools) but I like to subscribe to a whole forum then I don't miss anything!Big Grin
Very good idea in my opinion. I do not always have the time or the ability to browse the forum. But emails are read every day, so we will be able to enter the forum when we actually know that there are new threadsWink