what is your biggest regret in life,
Went there whilst in the Navy. Met a friend & he persuaded me to apply for Police. Passed the neccessaries & wentback to UK to wait for a date to begin training, etc. Went to South Africa House in London for final medical & passed that. Then, met a girl down south & it all went on permanent hold....... A year turned into two, two turned into three, etc. My friend enlisted & he made Commander. Funny how life turns out.
hope the girl was worth it diverdavey,a big miss out that one:eek:
no regrets just got on with what i had. always in work it was hard. but looking back enjoyed it still scrimped as most did
your a lucky man indeed charlie to have gone through life with no regretsBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
I dont have any regrets, other than the fact I should have had more sex as a teenager.
St James Park till the day I die.
easy one for me , my biggest regret is playing the fool at school , to the point where i came out with nothing , getting dead end jobs , all when i had the potential to do something way better , like serve my time , and get a decent job.
Leaving jarra.:Cry:
Not taking the Man Management degree course at Warwick University when offered by the Army!:mmph::mmph::mmph::mmph:
Had a great life lots to come I HOPE.
But did not have 8 grand , to pay to summit Everest??? when others did had to bail at 27 900ft as had not paid part of the peak fee.

Mel T
No regrets, I've made many mistakes and learned from some
of them, but not all. I done my best with what I had and
just got on with it. Perhaps I could have done a lot better.
I took every day as it came and I'm thankful for the way my
life has turned out.

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