start posting again
sight still working so why not
(22 Oct 16, 8:10 PM)jarraman Wrote:  sight still working so why not

Any idea where the photos have gone, Jarraman?
Some were transferred to the new site but loads of mine are missing.
Havn't got a clue Pauline.  Not sure if Admin visits the site anymore.  Its still open for posts so you never know.  Nice to hear from you.
October last year Admin wrote, and I quote, " I’ve no plans to remove this site as I believe it can still serve as a (huge) repository of Jarrow history." end quote.

It looks like he has, in fact, removed the photo's and transferred them to the other site rather than copy them across.

Also, I signed up to the new site when it opened but now my membership seems to have been cancelled as I can no longer sign in. Huh  
Oh well. best to stay on here then.  Hope you are well mate Wink
Quite a few photos were transferred to the new site, Birdman but many of them were not. Very few of mine were transferred. 
It's very disappointing  that they might be 'lost' as I didn't back them up (Stupid of me)

Regarding logging on to the new site, have you tried resetting your password?
Hi Pauline, It's my user name that is not recognised. I used to be able to log in, no problem, and see the other users and photo's. Something has changed.

I am being required to register again and, to be honest, I don't really want to as there isn't much going on and I definitely don't like the way it is set up like a facebook page. I prefered the old site with the posts relating to a particular subject all kept  together. The way it is now all posts run together with no continuity. So I am giving it a miss.

I'll keep looking in here as long as someone has something to say. ( which isn't very often these days).  

I have tried looking at some of the earlier wildlife photo's but the page comes up blank I wonder if we can still post pics on here?. The only recent stuff I have are of moths and as I found out , nobody has any interest in them.  Maybe fisherman can be tempted to try a post or two from along the Don. I haven't seen a waxwing this year yet. Big Grin       
(12 Nov 16, 12:40 AM)Birdman Wrote:  Have you tried using the e.mail address you registered with instead of using your Username?  
I certainly have. It doesn't relate to any account..........apparently.  Confused

I'll not be trying again.

Jarraman,  are you admin support for the new site? 
I'm having the same problems as Birdman logging on, so I tried to register again but my registration was rejected with the above message ?

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