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Mel T Wrote:Hi my wife thinks a mister King was the head teacher theres a Boldon Book with lots of info in it Mel T

Mr Ellison was headmaster when i attended late sixties.
I can remember walking back from school to my nanna's on hedworth sure we walked through the fields, just looked on a google map, the hedworth field school wouldn't have been there back then in early 1960's, so it would have been a clear walk through. I remember one day my granda was to collect me from school, and my nanna drummed into him to not be late, he wasn't very good on timing and would wander off to do his own thing (don't ask lol)...anyhow I waited for what( to me at about 6yrs old) seemed ages, and took the familiar field route on my own. My nanna played merry hell with him when he got back......I don't know why I thought it so funny, but it still makes me giggle now. I guess I enjoyed the freedom of that walk back and hadn't waited for the old man.
Hi think its just called the Boldon book i will dig out our copy and post some details Mel T
Thanks Mel...much appreciated, I would like to get hold of a copy, so if I can get the details I will try and order it somewhere.
Hi the book is called the peoples history The Boldons by Tom Bainbridge.

Its got lots of photo's of the school and year book photo's.

Hope this helps Mel T
Thanks for that Mel, ive been able to find copies on sale on ebay. Much appreciated.

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