problems with site
(14 Jun 14, 11:35 PM)pronto105 Wrote:  dont like these panels------whole display looks overcomplicated and confusing-- I don't seem to be able to keep on track with contributions or input---cluttered with smilies which most people won't use-----too many options for formatting font----KISS Keep It Simple ---been flying computers and systems for over 30 years and just DO NOT LIKE the presentation package (just personal ugh)

Can you be more specific, "panels", "formatting" etc. I've tried to strip down as much as I can so it;s more in line with the old site.
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I've had a good look around the site the last couple of weeks and found a few gliches that may be putting members off. Please respond if you agree or not.

I find the new site to be overloaded. By this I mean too many sections for people to post in. A simpler/easier way would help.

Peoples curiosity is always to edge towards photographs. There is now no photographs in posts and you have to go to a gallery to view them. As has been proven over the last few weeks the number of photographs uploaded have reduced significantly. This may be a major problem.

Finally. People don't like change. Unfortunately these things happen. We have to go with the times. Keep on posting and lets get going again. Wink

Hope this post helps.
where is the thing I used to click on to brows the older posts,now I can only find the serch and if you are not looking for any thing in particular you can not browsAngryAngry

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