patrick brown
I am looking to contact the relatives of the late patrick brown, who passed away in February this year,he was 81 ,and lived in hebburn,he has a granddaughter called Sara,Patrick had a brother called john and two sisters Jane and Mary all who have passed away,Patrick's wife I believe was called Mary eagleton patricks father was martin brown,martin had two brothers thomas and john ,i belive thomas was a policeman,martin and john were both on the jarrow march as harmonica players,martin had three sisters,dora who mared thomas maloy,caterine who married francis corr,and jane who married mohamed nagi,martins father was Michael brown,who was from Dublin,he was maarried to my grandmothers sister Catherine Campbell,cathrine had another sister called jane campbell who married a michael hall and they had nine children,I would like to contact Patrick's relatives or any relatives of his brothers and sisters,in order to further my family history research,I am in regular contact with a granddaughter of Dora but she has no information on Dora,s or Patrick's relatives,some of whom are her cousins that she has never met ,and very much wishes to,so if you know any of them please contact me..

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