old jarrow video on youtube
Just watched the old Jarrow video on youtube. Am I the only one thats noticed how slim every one on it is? Those bowls of broth must have done them all the world of good. The frying pan was hardly used and no "fast food" shops then. Just good home cooked grub. It's time young people learned how to cook like our Mothers and Grannies. Teeny
Hi Mary. Yes sadly the old school is gone. Its a pity it could not have been used for something else,and re-fitted out.

Even worse the houses that have been built are an eyesore in that they do not match the surrounding private homes. They just look out of place.
St James Park till the day I die.
well Staffy thats what they call progress, I watch them being built. and wasn't very impressed then.
What do you think of the houses that have been built in the vicinity of the old Empire and Picture House cinema's.

I actually visited a Show House, right across the road from the pub. From the bedroom window you could look straight into the Bar/Lounge.

That would be handy for the wife,if she was looking for you.

Have a good weekend Mary
St James Park till the day I die.

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