old jarrow video on youtube
Teeny Wrote:Thought you might all like to know, just had a veiwing of the full vidio of the St.Bede's parish this morning. It still needs a little fine tune but it is very good. Alsorts of activities on it up untill 1948 and glimpses of old Jarrow too. Made me cry. Teeny

aaawww here's me shoulder teeny.:hug:
Pat Wrote:Every year there was Garden Party held in St. Matthew's. I am assuming that St. Bede's started the idea. Each class would do folk dance. Tickets were on sale for about 1/3d, and offered a 'snack'. We ate the snack in the Belsfield dinner hall. Miss Finnegan always had her girls do a dance. I still remember the Morris dance that we performed one year!! Do you remember that Mary?

Ah yes Pat I remember it well, I used to love those garden party's, and all the stalls the wheel of fortune and the darts darts, and lotto. But the dancing was the thing, I remember the bells around our anckles, and the hankie waveing.
Uhh!! Uhhh!!!! Uhhh! Canny bairn, giz ya hanky and a cuddle.
Mary and Pat, I remember the Garden Parties too and the dancing. It was great and it was always sunny on that day. Teeny
Brilliant video.
That is really interesting, I look forward to watching the full video.
This is absolutely wonderful footage. The first 15 seconds show Chapel Road looking west towards the Crown and Anchor/ Ellison Street area, then the camera sweeps around with the van to show Monkton Road/Terrace looking south. There's an even better view of Monkton Terrace for a second or two at 0.30. I've only ever seen one photo of how Chapel Road used to look - in Paul Perry's blue book, I believe. To actually see some footage is incredible - it'll be fascinating to see the rest.
P.S - does anyone know where the colour footage of the boxing match at 2.08 was shot? Is the large building in the background the theatre in the Market Square?
Excellent quality, considering it's age. Could the boxing scene be in the playground of St Bede's Junior School????
I wonder what was being loaded onto the truck at the beginning of the footage ???
Hi Pauline, think that would have been camping equipment on the truck. I just loved the little one taking a bow. Teeny

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