looking for James Frampton
I'm very happy you have found your family you must be very happy.i have been looking for death certificates for six years just to find out they were not registered but it is Cape Town back in the 1939 I. Looking for.
aussiegirl Wrote:I've found James Frampton!
Thank you every one for all your help all this time!
He was indeed born in Jarrow, as was his Father before him, but moved to North Shields in the 1930's.
So, this Aussie Girl has Jarrow Blood - and is in mighty fine company!
I love you all!
Happy to hear your good new's.....Something had to turn up....Congratulation's...Smile
Hi EveryoneSmile
As you all know I've found my relative, James Frampton. Some records say he was born in Jarrow while others say he was born at Hebburn Colliery. Can anyone clear this up for me, please?
Love from Australia. xx

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