looking for James Frampton
the adventurer,my best mate is ronnie frampton,sid junior is his eldest brother,david next, ronnie being the youngest lad,Wink
Hi from Australia Everyone!

I'm waiting to see if letters I've sent to 4 Jarra Framptons yield results.
Meanwhile I've found two Local James Framptons (names only), either of which could be my James (or neither). One is James William b. 1907. The other is James Stanley b. 1910. The ages fit. Does anyone know either of these Gentlemen?
I'd love to send you some Aussie sunshine but it's wet and miserable here right now.Smile
Sorry Pat, I just realized I didn't get back to you re: James Stanley Frampton. I'm pretty sure my James was still alive in 1952 so it cant be James Stanley as he died in 1947. I haven't had any luck searching the site you recommended either. Thanks thoughSmile

Aussiegirl, the link above has almost fully transcribed births, deaths and marriages up to 1950. Unfortunately it becomes patchy after that. The following events were all registered at South Shields.

James Frampton married Isabella M. Summers in 1912

Three children registered.

Rosina June 1913
Elsie M. June 1919
James S. March 1923

James S. Frampton married Enid Robson in 1946.

If it was the same James Frampton that would have made him 23 in 1946 and 88 now.

Do any of the names ring a bell, would the age range be about right or too far off the mark. As I said, the records on the FreeBMD are still being transcribed but you might be able to follow the trail on some of your other sites. Good luck. Smile
Its so good of you to look for Framptons, Birdman. Thank you. But, I'm afraid the ages don't match up. My James would have to have been born somewhere around 1905 - 1915. I do appreciate you trying to help though.Smile
Do you have any other clues about James at all? If he was born in Jarrow or the local area, he should be on the Southtyneside site. Maybe James was his middle name? Have you looked on Ancestry? There's several there for the 1905-15 period. The only way to know for sure that you have the correct one is to get his bc... unless of course someone remembers him??
I am in a similar situation with Jessie Brown, so I know how difficult it can be.
Just had a quick look on the 1911 census index, and there are several James Framptons. The only one in South Shields area is:- James William, born 1908. He is 3 on the census. Cannot get more information without buying credits. Perhaps someone in Shields could look at the electoral registers for you for 1929 or later???? (had to be 21 to go on them)
brilliant post everyone
No, Pat, I really don't know anything else about him. I really am hoping someone reading these posts will remember/know him. His relationship to me is rather delicate and I don't want to offend anyone who might be related to him by posting the details. Even so, I still only have a name to go on. I appreciate everyones help and input and hope it continues til we find him - then we can all have a big party!
As Zippie says, "Brilliant posts Everyone"! Hopefully they're brilliant enough to find my man! Thanks All!Smile
Any Help??

[Image: spacer.gif] Person: FRAMPTON, James William age 3 Address: 193 H S Edwards Street South Shields

FRAMPTON, James William Born 1885 Yorks Middlesborough.
FRAMPTON, Elizabeth Ann 1885 Durham Hetton Downs.
FRAMPTON, Thomas Henry 1906 Durham Hebburn Colliery.
FRAMPTON, James William 1908 Durham Hebburn Colliery.
FRAMPTON, John 1910 Durham Hebburn Colliery
Reference: RG14PN30318 RG78PN1745B RD556 SD1
South Shields Enumeration District: 59
Address: 193 H S Edwards Street South Shields

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