jarrow motorcycle club
anybody out there got info on the motorcycle club that used to be in jarrow. trying to gather info to form new web page to share with motorcycle clubs worldwide. only info i have is they used to meet at the borough arms in jarrow. any original members who have info that can be included ( photosof members , bikes, or name and backpatch) also keen to here from anyone in jarrow area who rides a bike today to include in riders of now section. all info on this club seems to have vanished. i know one member was a garry tordias(not sure of spelling of sirname) and a guy named chris who lived in russell street. dont let this part of our history die good people. when bikers do good no one remembers, when we do bad no one forgets. sprocket719Smile
Check your private messages. Got a phone number off just passing.
thanks jarraman. nothing showing in private messages yet. thanks for all your help much appreciated. its funny how things get forgotten over the years. hope to get the wb page off the ground. lot of interest from clubs in the usa and austria, germany. loads of local clubs interested as well.sprocket719 ps...you wouldnt think it but people still are a bit weary of bikers (old hells angel image sort of thing)
Its showing delivered at 09.03 this morning. Never mind i've sent it again.
Hi, in the late 60 early 70's a small group of bikers did haunt he back room snug in the borough arms.

Tom Hubbick
Roy Shinells (not sure of the spelling?) he became the landlord of the borough arms
Alan White (from Sunderland)
Alan McCluskey
Jimmy Naylor
Johnny Hunter
Tony Taylor
Alan Scott
Chris Malloy
Ronnie Patrick
Ray Linsay
George Nellist
Lawrence Taylor (part timer BSA A7 500cc)

This may not be the same group of bikers that you may be thinking about; one or two did try to call us the Jarra Chapter and be associated with the Sunderland Black Angels, but this never happened. This was just a small group of lads that loved their bikes. Only a few of the above still have a bike or even two.

Not sure if any would be interested in what you are proposing, but you never know.

Hope this helps.
I know this thread is old but i have most of the information on the Black Angels here. My uncle was the "leader", and after the death of his wife my father inherited all of the photos, signing in books, newspaper clippings and other assorted items. Some of those names mentioned above are associated with the angels, and if they ever collaborated theres a good chance they are in these photographs here. If anyone would like me to dig for anything specific id be happy to have a look, i love going thru all of this stuff, these are probably the only documents left. Theres a lot of stuff to do with the film Tommy (tickets to the premier and so on), and im scanning in as much as i can. Hopefully I can get a website up with the photographs on, or at least a facebook group. Ill link to it here.
I was speaking to big Tom Hubbick yesterday. He walks round Jarrow Slake every Sunday morning.

heres a few photos ive shared public until the website is finished, hope this might help..
Excellent photos Ezelite - love the one with Roger Daltrey.
Anyone know the whereabouts of Tom Hubbick or Ron Patrick

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