jarrow civic hall
John, when you were open to suggestions for future use of the building, in Front St Tynemouth they have put to good use an old church building probably of similar interior size to the Civic Hall. The complex is called Land of the Green Ginger and it is a series of in-shops selling crafts and antiques and numerous other small shops. The whole thing runs successfully. beckstevieb
good luck john i wish you every success in your venture!
jarraman Wrote:Doesn't work for me either Pauline. Weird eh. :eek:
Here's the link I googled it.

Good luck with your venture John. I just looked at pictures on link and they brought back memories, especially that serving hatch. I worked there for a while when I was young at the day centre for the elderly Big Grin
JohnK Wrote:Hi,
I couldn't say too much on my original thread. The reason for the 'project' on the civic hall is that I had put an offer in to the local authority to buy it. They confirmed last week that they have accepted my offer so the building should be mine by early January next year.
My proposal for the building is to bring it back into use for its original purpose i.e. as a function room upstairs and offices and small workshops etc. downstairs.
I have a restaurateur who is interested in opening a buffet style Indian restaurant on one side of the downstairs and another restaurateur who is interested in opening a chinese restaurant on the other side of the downstairs.
I will be setting up a website in the next few weeks dedicated to the Civic Hall and will be taking sugestions for the use of the Ballroom. I have some ideas of my own but will be interested to see what others would want to see it used for.
Meantime if you want to see what the inside looks like now, I have put a page on one of my websites to show some pictures and give some information about the plans for it.
Regarding the carbuncles that were put on the front of the building either side of the entrance, these were to enable toilets to be added. Unfortunately I cannot think of anyway I can remove these. We may be able to more tastefully blend these in to the building somehow.
I would welcome any comments from interested parties on how best we can restore the property. I am giving serious consideration to removing the suspended ceiling in the ballroom and renovating the original ceiling, finances permitting. Feel free to pass this message on, I would like as many people as possible to take an interest in the redevelopement of The Civic and would welcome any suggestions. Incidently there would have been a strong possibility of the Hall being demolished by developers if I had not made a successful offer and proposal for the building.
The local Authority should be commended for accepting my offer to bring the building back into use for the local community. They could probably have got more for the building allowing it to be demolished but chose to go with my offer and proposal. I am very grateful for that and will endevour to make sure they do not regret that decision.
John Knowles

Well done John. Nice article in tonights gazette.

Latest write up for John's project in the Gazette:


Also, a link to the Civic Hall website:

Good luck in your new venture John.
It's starting to look good.Lot's of work already been done Inside.

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fisherman Wrote:It's starting to look good.Lot's of work already been done Inside.

I agree Fisherman, looks like a good job is being done. Well done John :clap2:
I Have posted a video of the renovation of the Civic Hall on Youtube. Just search Jarrow Civic Hall and it will come up on the first page.


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