Birdman, could it be The Drinker moth.
Some pic's from today...3rd photo Is just a shell from a spider.....pic 5 Is a Burnett Moth emerging from It's cocoon...

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The Adventurer Wrote:Birdman, could it be The Drinker moth.

Spot on again The Adventurer. They don't half make a noise when they fly round your head. Harmless though. :eek:
Birdman..Can you I.D.This for me...

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fisherman Wrote:Birdman..Can you I.D.This for me...

It's a Burnished Brass Fisherman. There are two forms. f.juncta has a broken dark central band. the one you have is f.aurea. Google images to see the difference.

By the way, the second photo looks like it's been run over by a steam roller or been at the brown ale.

This one from last week is the same as yours but only drinking nectar. Smile

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Couple of shot's from last couple of day's.....

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My first Peacocks of the year today when I didn't expect them.

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The Adventurer Wrote:My first Peacocks of the year today when I didn't expect them.
Seen a couple last couple of day's but just got my first photo of one today,Also this fly whatever that might be...

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