The Adventurer Wrote:I had a walk around Colliery Burn and Colliery Wood today with my camera hoping to find something interesting. Apart from a host of Whites, Ringlets, small Skippers and one or two Speckled Woods I gave up and started to wend my way home. I left the main path and was climbing the ascent to bring me intothe Cotswolds with my camera in the case and in my pocket. As I put my hand on the gate to leave the Burn this little fellow landed on the bush to the right of me. I whipped the camera out of my pocket and out of the case and managed a photo before he flew away. This Comma is my first ever.

Seen one of these today 11th march (comma), first butterfly this year.
Some photo's from today..

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Saw you at tea time with Chloe did she take these.lol

I was talking to a dog walker on path at the rear of Jarrow Cemetery this morning,Baby Grey Squirrel just walked within 5ft of us..Smile..

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