Who\what filled you with fear at school?
Hahahaha I remember that lesson well. Mr Bohill. Put your hand up to ask a question about beekeeping and that was the end of the maths lesson. Brilliant. Big Grin
Mr Bohilll, that's him anyone know what happened to him?
Probably all the teachers I knew are now dead. Thats from Harold St and Belsfield.

Around the circa 1956 1965:confused:
St James Park till the day I die.
As far as I know Mr Bohill is a councillor in Seaburn. Wink
(23 Aug 09, 4:26 PM)jarraman Wrote:  
musomaniac Wrote:was it not mr halbourg who had the whacky jacky he was the art teacher in croft , i received it a few times off him .:mad:

It Was Mr Bennet a Woodwork teacher at Jarrow central. Cannot remember if he went to Springfield when the Central got closed down.
(08 Aug 09, 5:45 PM)jarraman Wrote:  A certain woodwork teacher who had a piece of wood and named it wacky jacky. One swipe of that across ya jacksy brought tears to your eyes.

Hated cross country running as well. Always finished in the top ten though as I took a short cut through the cemetary. Haha.

Crammy was still the best though.
(22 Aug 09, 11:33 PM)tedg Wrote:  Mr Charlton at woodwork teacher at Perth green .He was cane happy.but a good bloke in the later years.Marion Maddock She had eyes in the back of her head.She knew how to really make you feel small.

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