Who remebers the dump
There was 2 dumps which were landscaped in the early 70s.

One was behind Hill Park and it took all the stuff from the bins which was emptied.

The other was about 300 meteres behind the Robin Hood pub. Loads of old cars was dumped here.

Wonder if anyone has a photo?
Was the dumps run by the council or was it just waste land? fingers crossed a photo may turn up on site.Smile
Does ring a bell but I was living in Hebburn until 1976.
You can take the lad out of Jarrow but you can't take Jarrow out of the lad.
It was by the council. Just like when they empty your bins. Then they emptied them on a part of King George playing fields. Behind Hill Park.
I will ask friends from around Jarrow if they have any pics of the area...Smile
Cheers a couple of photos would be brilliant. Been searching for them for years.
Are you talking about the one that used to be behind the cemetery in the 50's and 60's? It was before Lindisfarne Road became a main road, or before the King George Playing Fields, and the nearest houses were on Lindisfarne Road.
We were round there one day and a policeman saw us and took our names. I was scared stiff to go home in case he had been to the house!! Smile No doubt he was only trying to stop us from getting some dreaded desease!!!
No, there was 2 dumps. The big dump (where the rubbish went) was on the Robin Hood side of Hill Park.

The little dump was just along from the Robin Hood towards Simonside View. Old cars and the contents of the Brush wagon were dumped there
amongst other things.
Me and me mates used to spend days on end on the big dump, usually rather than go to school (Perth Green). Got parts off there to build many a bike. The small dump ran right along the side of the dene and the road that runs along there, from close to the Robin Hood to where the small farm is now. If I remember right there was an old air raid shelter in the middle of the big dump where we used to have our den. Used to often see folk on the small dump scavenging for old furniture etc. Happy days for us kids but obviously hard for some adults.
I think I must be in the wrong era!!! I didn't know of any dumps except the one behind the cemetery!! I feel sooo old!!! Sad

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