When did these Jarrow pubs close?
Just Passing Wrote:I know Johnny Ingles was easier to traipse off the tongue over the years
But his real name was John Inglis

Never knew that, and you're right, much easier to pronounce.:nod:
You can take the lad out of Jarrow but you can't take Jarrow out of the lad.
I think the Allison arms is closed as well.Haven't seen ay signs of life there for a while.

hi pete the borough arms closed aprox 1994 as a result of a fire. i am doing some digging on the motorcycle club that used to meet their. like the pub info on both seem to be lost in time best wishes sprocket719Smile
Was the Chillingham Bull in Low Simonside, just i happened to come across a website with all the scottish and newcastle inns from the late 70's early 80's

Yes it was on the corner of narworth tce and chillingham tce.

cheers mate, just live a couple of streets down from there in lulworth avenue, aint lived there long, pity theres no pubs or clubs there now, everywhere seems to be going belly up
Just had a look at the site.There's a lot missing but just realised the're matchbox labels.12p for a pint of scotch happy days.

There used to be a cracking club where the old peoples home is now at the end of stanhope rd..St Marys it was called.

The red hackle, the neon or the Robin hood are the closest to you at the minute.

thanks for that, i've been to the robin hood a few times, it's a canny pub, ain't ventured into the red hackle or the neon yet, what are them like?

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