What went wrong
Early days in Jarrow, little work wages low,
inadequate dwellings with not much to show.
A cold water tap, and chairs that were hard,
the netty outside some where in the yard.
No TV or wireless, we did our own thing,
rag men and paper lads would whistle and sing.
A penny gas meter, clippy mats on the floors,
a small coal fire, we did not lock our doors.

Used to go to the kino, usually the dog end,
hand me down clothes, make do and mend.
Folks going for walks safe in the dark,
kids were safe when they played in the park.
Four in a bed like dominoes laid in a row,
times really were bad eighty odd years ago.
Money was scarce and health care not free,
most ills were cured with a nice cup of tea.

No drugs or muggings, no valuables to rob,
you were quite well off if you had two bob.
We kids ran wild, not many rules to flout,
we'd look for weddings to shout "hoy out"
Today there's plenty, but it's also a rat race,
devil take the hindmost, don't slow the pace.
Political correctness is singing a loud song,
human rights crap, what the hell went wrong?.

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