What famous people did you see at the club/pub
Sorry cant think of his surname, but was Terry he was great and as you say a comedian as well.
He always had something to sell at weekends,toys mainly at xmas time.
He loved his work,and meeting the artists out back,before introducing them on stage.
I saw Sandie Shaw, Dusty Springfield and Freddie (Parrot Face) Davies at Franci's Night Club in 60's, oh and The Fourmost. I also saw Val Doonican at the Latino and Ginger Baker on drums at The Chelsea Cat!
I think i saw jimmy hendrix at baileys cellar club in beach road this person was playing his guitar with his teeth so i think it was him.:confused:
If you can find the record or LP of that evening it is worth thousands of pounds.
but how could i find that out:confused:
That's why it's so rare. They can't be found. Not sure how many were copied.
lizciggy Wrote:What did they call the compare i think it was Terry somthing he always used to sing my way and he sung it good he was also a bit of a comic i think:confused:

Hi Lizciggy, Terry Milligan was the compare at Bottos, great guy.
thats right been racking my brains for days trying to remember,yes he was great thanks a lot.Smile
I saw Kermet the Frog in jarra ex in 1976 , does that count?
me dad paid a bloke offat the club when he was concert chairman, cos he couldnt sing, that bloke went onto be englebert humperdink!!

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