Way back then
We fished and swam in old Hebburn lakes,
making our own fun we did what it takes.
The nearby coke ovens billowing smoke,
on a bad day we would cough and choke.
Bursting with energy we'd bound and leap,
devil take the hindmost climbing the slag heap.
This man made mountain rose into the sky,
steel works furnaces were the reason why.

At Monkton stadium for miles we'd run,
we didn't have any need for a starting gun.
It was then an old fashioned cinder track,
after just four laps our legs were all black.
We spent many long hours in Jarvis Park,
the parkie chased us out when it got dark.
Behind the sports shed on the cricket field,
we'd smoke the dumpers we had concealed.

Bobby Bottoms managed the Robin Hood,
done odd jobs there whenever we could.
Moving empties, sweeping the yard clean,
wonderful times spent in old Blackies Dene.
We caught umpteen eels in the River Don,
lots of big fat ones, twelve inches long.
We played in Dyballs and had fun galore,
Then the dark clouds, I won't mention the war.
Thanks Freddie. I bet that poem brought back lots of memories to the people who lived through that era. Loved it and well done.
I love reading the poem's about our local area..Smile...Well Done Freddie
Thanks Freddie for an other good one, you really stir a lot of memories.

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