Wanna Earm Some Dosh?
Thought the title would get your attention. Wink

This site has a good membership now so it’s time to start attracting advertisers to put a dint in the running costs. I rather not be phoning or writing to Jarrow businesses attempting to sell them advertising space. I reckon the best approach is to speak to local businesses, face to face.

So I’m offering a 30% sign up fee for every advertiser you introduce to the site. With advertising costing from £50 up to £175 per year, that means you can earn yourself between £15 and £52.50 for every advertiser you sign up. To help in your efforts, I can send you some business cards if required.

So if you fancy earning yourself a few quid for Xmas, have a word with your local landlord, shop owner, hairdresser, chippy, sparky, plumber or anyone else you know who runs a business or is self employed. You’ll put a few quid in your pocket plus help ensure that this site remains.
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