Long ago since I had a place to call home,
I'm still finding pathways I have to roam.
Sometimes I'm rejected at times I find love,
but it's my chosen way, it fits like a glove.

My heart yearns to find a road that is new,
to make do and mend is the thing that I do.
A wanderer I am and spend much time alone,
I'm eager to learn and it's nice to be shown.

Many wonderful things the world has in store,
life is worth while if you take time to explore.
This is what drives me, I've got energy to burn.
around each corner there are new things to learn.

I imagine myself walking in some far away land.
and conversing with people I can't understand.
This world that I wander, what makes it go round,
I pose many questions, a few answers are found.

I have forsaken comforts to seek knowledge lost,
there's a price to pay, this I've found to my cost.
If you knew the fantastic things I have learned,
my life spent on this earth I consider well earned.

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