Vally View school
Here are some postcards that were sent to Mr.Jone's (Valley View Headmaster) 1st postcard was sent 1970,can't make out when the 2nd postcard was posted.3rd postcard was sent 1959......

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Here's a couple of photo's from the 80th Anniversary of Valley View School.....More to come..

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Another bit of history from Valley View...

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Here's another record from Valley View School....I wonder If the children of today would appreciate an orange after their party...(How time's have changed)...

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Here's another piece of Memorobelia commemorating the 80th anniversary of Valley View School...

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fisherman Wrote:Well at least someone's having a guess.Well since Valley View School opened 1928 there has only been 6. Headteacher's...Mr.Mitchell- (1928-1950).Mr.Harold Jone's (1950-1974),Mr.Colin Cumming's.(1974-1999).Mr.Phil Scott (1999-2006).Mr. Mark Frazer (2006-2010) Mr's Gemma Geyne's.(2010-???)......(I'll try and put photo's on sometime over the weekend)..Smile
Hmm, I thought it was a Mr Dixon(?) when I was there from '72-'75. That was the infant school though, so maybe he was just the head of our "end". I never went to the "grown-up" bit, being transferred to the newly-opened Fellgate school: well, actually, the not-yet-open Fellgate since I ended up doing the first year of junior in a classroom borrowed from Fellgate infants! Er anyway, I seem to digress... :o
(26 Nov 13, 11:55 AM)fisherman Wrote:  Here's a question for everyone,Does anyone know how many Head Teacher's have there been since Valley View School opened.....I've got all the photo's of them on my computer,(I forgot I had them) saying that I've just photographed the current head teacher a few week's ago.....So now everything Is up to date..
Valley view school just a short walk around the corner from my house at the time. I think Head of infants school was Mrs Dixon and head of the juniors was Mr Cummings that was in the 70's

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