The main focus of my research on this particular branch is the Joyce surname in Jarrow. However there are links to, and I would also be interested in following up the Townsley and Smith surnames. I believe Patrick Joyce 1884- may have been born in Lennery West Port, Ireland. We believe the family came from Connemara which is also in the west of ireland but covers quite an area. I wish my knowledge of Irish and sometimes even local geography was as good as knowing my way around islands of the BahamasSmile

My Grandmothers 2nd husband was a William Joyce 1911-1983. His first wife was an Elizabeth Smith. She had siblings Adelaide Smith and Austin "Bumper" Smith, I believe. I am not entirely sure how Annie, Matthew and Thomas Smith are connected, perhaps other siblings off the top of my head. I think it was Annie Smith who married a Charles Townsley. They all lived in Tynemouth Road/Featherstone Grove at some point.

William Joyces parents were a Patrick Joyce 1884- and a Margaret Ann Joyce 1882-. We think that his Mam left him when he was about 2 to go to the States and it was her sister that brought up my Granda Bill Joyce with other family members.

Patrick Joyces parents were a Thomas Joyce 1862-1943 and a Mary Murphy 1862-1947 who moved to Windber, Pennsylvania. I have other details and can go back another generation or so.

Margaret Ann Joyces parents were a James Joyce and Mary O'Hara born Warrington, Lancashire in 1854. They lived in Stanley Street, Jarrow. Again, more details available upon request. The wedding certificate lists james Joyce as having lived in Caledonian Street but no Joyces appear living in that street in the 1871 or 1881 census.
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