The jarrow crusade
Thank you Pauline M & Adventurer for your comments I was 7 years old when the Jarrow Crusade set off, I stood at the top of our back Lane and watch the men set off to Christ Church for a blessing before staring off on their march. I remember asking my Father what the men were doing, he said they were going to London to get Work, I asked him the innocent question he said 'They are going to London to get work' I said would it not be easier to bring the work up here.
That still applies to this day.
What memories Jarra. I was born until nearly 20 years later so I only have hearsay & history books to rely on. Your Albums give a COMPLETE chronicle. Thanks again SmileSmileSmile
Thank You Jarra for your albums some of which i had never seen published.
We should never forget what these men did in 1936 for our beloved town.
Great albums for all Jarrovians to see and be proud of.:amen:
brill photos jarra,never saw most of those before,well doneWink
excellent photos jarra, I was brought up on the Jarrow March. My mam and dad were both 5 at the time of the march, my dads dad and mams uncle were both involved. It's lovely to see so many pics Big Grin

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