The jarrow crusade
jarraman_1 Wrote:When you think about it. Even with todays high levels of nutrition and health. Not to mention scientifically designed footwear, I wouldn't like to walk to London even with a back up team. You just have to say these men were made of steel and hats off to every one of them.:grouphug:

Agreed jarraman_1. Was a hell of a physical achievement and even more so when you consider the conditions of the time.
You can take the lad out of Jarrow but you can't take Jarrow out of the lad.
I have here a copy of the Jarrow March produced by the Bede Gallery(1976)to celebrate the 40th.anniversary.
Text by David dougan, photographs by Irene Reddish.

I'm almost certain that most of you have a copy,or have read it.
Anyway,what caught my interest was the poem written by one
of the marchers, John Harney. He sounds like a man I could sit
and have a pint with.

I'd be happy to post the poem if requested.
There was a Harney family lived in Lodore grove on the lakes estate. I went to school with one of the boys.
I haven't heard the poem Letmein5 and I'm sure there must be others out there who would like to read it. Smile
Yes please! I would like to read it.
I'm one of the Jarrow Marchers,and i'm proud to say I am,
I've been fed like a fighting cock,on beef and eggs and ham,
We started off from Jarrow Town,a palefaced hungry band,
With all the population out, to shake us by the hand,
But as we left our homes behind, determination grew,
On every face,to show the world,what Jarrow lads could do,
Well led by "Marshal Riley" a leader and a man,
With "Game Wee Ellen"by his side, to carry out her plan,
From dawn to dusk we marched along,with smiles upon our faces,
We had our smokes and cracked our jokes,in scores of different places,
Each morning saw our tramp begin,each evening saw it end,
With blistered heels to bandage up and ragged clothes to mend,
We passed some pleasant country scenes,and left them with a pang,But the finest sight throughout the march was O'Hanlon and his gang,
With steaming dixies on the fires and tons of food for all,
We just sat down and knocked it back,like the lads at Finnegans ball,
Then came "postmaster Symonds, with his little job to do,
He'd shout your name,up went your hand,and he your letter threw,
Then out upon the road again, Pat Scullion shouting loud,
Fall in your sectionsthere,you chaps,don't mingle with the crowd,
For five long weeks we marched along,and had a glorious time,
All good things come to an end,so must my little rhyme,
But not before I've sung my praise for Jarrow's Fighting Mayor,
Who left his work to cheer us up and joined us here and there,
I'll pipe down and thank all hands,from doctors down to waiters,
Who did their best to cheer the lot,of Jarrow's Bold Crusaders,
We did our bit, we played the game,in spite of all our "Blarney"
So farewell lads, the best of luck,from John J.(smiler) Harney.
70th Anniversary at Christ Church in Jarrow

[Image: christchurch01.jpg?t=1266945753]

[Image: christchurch02.jpg?t=1266946026]

[Image: christchurch03-1.jpg?t=1269361904]

[Image: christchurch04-1.jpg?t=1269361961]
Pardon my ignorance but Could someone please tell me what a steaming Dixie is. I'm intrigued.Big Grin
One who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; one who does not ask a question remains a fool forever
It's a tea can.

SmileCheers for that, Im just that little bit less ignorant.
One who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; one who does not ask a question remains a fool forever
My Great Grand Father took part in the March. W Robb 4 Ferry Street. The plaque on the metro station is of my Great-Grand Mother, my Great Grand Mother is holding one of My Great Uncles. My Great-Grand Father is holding the hand of my other Great Uncle.

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