The demise of the social club.
jarraman_1 Wrote:Admin would that be Tadcaster brown ale lol.

jarraman just explained the joke to me, sorry, it had gone straight over my head.
To keep :focus:, I've created a separate thread.
You can take the lad out of Jarrow but you can't take Jarrow out of the lad.
Anyone know what the situation is with the Jarrow Ex?

Last I heard of the place was an article in the online Gazette saying they were having a special meeting and Stan Brown (the Secretary or Chairman) stating that the finances looked bad.

I was a member there for over 35 years and have been amazed at what's happened to the place, and South Tyneside clubs in general, in the last 15 years or so.
On a alcohol note, my local off licence is closing down. The "viccy wine" on the corner of Valley View and Norham Tce. National company it is. They are blaming it on the cheap supermarket booze.

Going to be a tee total town shortly is Jarrow. :blabla:
been chatting in jarrow today been told hasting,s ( luke,s lane) is closing in 3 week,s time
just thinking of jarraman,s message. jarrow being a teetotal town, if so that mean,s he,ll be moving soon.ha ha
I went to a fortune teller at the town moor 40 years ago and she fortold this was going to happen. So I got out while the going was good. Wink
Obviously me and Fisherman are moving to Glasgow :eek:
Has the Park View Closed down yet
Park Rd closed 2 weeks ago Bazza. It's all boarded up now.
Looks like Murry's will be the only one left soon how sad

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