The best Sunday Dinner
Had the pleasure to dine at Martinos on North Shields Fish Quay for Sunday dinner.

It was the best Ive had in a long time.

Carrot Soup for starters followed by a Chicken Breast with fresh home cooked vegetables.

This was followed with ice cream. Total was £8.

You also get a loyalty card which is stamped after each visit. After so many times you qualify for a bottle of wine.

Would definitely recommend if your stuck for somewhere to go.
That sounds really lovely. My best eating - out place was the Elephant on the Tyne. It was sign posted after Heworth metro. I'm not sure if it I still there.
When I read the title, the picture that came to my mind was a hunk of roast beef waiting to be sliced, surrounded by roast spuds, sprouts, carrots, and thick tasty brown gravy.  And the smell......  uuummm!  Delicious!  My mouth is watering.

It's not a common meal in this area.  There is beef, but it's not the same.
Ya mam's Sunday dinners are always the best with dipping bread for the gravy
Most of us women should agree that the best Sunday dinners are our own. Every time I eat out I regret it and could make a far better meal at a fraction of the price.

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