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(01 Oct 15, 6:07 PM)Admin Wrote:  As many of you know, this site has suffered over the last several months with falling participants and an ever present problem with spammers. Truth is that I’ve struggled to give this site the time it really needs. Plus for some time now, I’ve felt that ‘forum’ software is outdated and not the best choice for a modern community website.

After many hours spent researching alternative software platforms, I’ve finally found one that I feel is much better suited, has a stable history along with great potential for growth.

To this end, I’ve created a sister site, and invite you all to sign up and see what you think. For those interested, the site is using Joomla with the JomSocial app.

The plan is to close this site to new members and eventually close this site to new posts & threads (effectively making the site read only). I’ve no plans to remove this site as I believe it can still serve as a (huge) repository of Jarrow history.

I am confident that the new site is much more suitable for a community website on today’s modern internet. I believe it has the potential to become even more popular than this site was in its heyday.

So, take a look at, sign up and see what you think.

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