The Cottage
What about The Cottage most of my friends met up there on Friday & Saturday in the late 70s & early 80s. Always found it embarrassing when one or another of my family in the Sally Army came in to sell the Warcry
The cottage is in one of my albums.

The warcry cost me a bomb (pardon the pun) full of drink and throwing a couple of quid in the box. Smile
Hi i remember the cottage it was one of the few under age drinking pubs in Jarra .

The kids today start at 14 i think i was 17 before i got in a pub and did not get thrown out times have changed Mel T
We were 17 & in 6th form & felt we were rebels !
nessie50,a cringe moment indeed with the war cry sellers being family,not that there is anything wrong with the sally army,they do a great job imo.
Always wanted to hide, but they caught me every time- not good for street cred !
but did you do the right thing and buy a war cry lol.
Of course, wouldn't dare not, would have been struck down! Not good, part family Sally Army others Methodist !
lol,nessie50 which side of the fence did you come down on or were you a total rebel and went for somthing else.
Went to Methodist church as child but loved hearing the Sally band, especially when they came round the streets at Xmas :-)

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