The 2 Toms
#1 Deserve a place on this part of the site. Jarrow at it's best.
Here is a great write up in tonights Shields Gazette.
Absolutely over the moon to come across this thread.

Tommy Mullen was my Grandad. The most inspirational person I've ever known. It's been almost a year since he sadly passed away.

Here's a video that my uncle put together over a year ago for my Grandad, not long before he passed. Anyway, thought I'd post it up because the background music is recordings of my Grandad and Tommy Rowan singing a few of their favourites. Guitarist is another well known Jarra lad, Jimmy Jones, who used to support them back in the day. Good mate of my Dad!

EDIT: Just realised the same video was posted above in the 1st post, apologies for that :-)

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