I'm sure you already know this, but here is a link to 1911 census, just in case it will help.

Yes as Pat's says

Pat Wrote:I'm sure you already know this, but here is a link to 1911 census, just in case it will help.


tedg Wrote:Thats the problem I don't have enough info to locate his birth.Itried to find his death but thre info from thr family is that he either died at the age of 37 or in 1937.nothing comes up on the bmd sites.Thanks for your help though much appreciated.

Your looking for a Joseph Taylor (thats a start)
Born about 1892 (are you sure? where did you get that info - off his marriage cert?)
With a father George Taylor (are you sure his father was George? where did you get that info - off Joseph's marriage cert?)
Then this is where other info is needed
Joseph Taylor
Where born (you don't know this)
Where died (do you know this)
When died (you don't know this)

It's like searching for a needle in a haystack without a bit extra info

Your hitting a brick wall unless you at least get Joseph's death cert and work back

The records for deaths on the likes of ancestry.com go up to about 2005
(The library records on ancestry are limited - don't get much for nowt)

If it were myself and I needed to find out I would bite the bullet and subscribe to ancestry.com (there shortest subscription) £10.95 for a month (plus 14 days free trial)
And batten down the hatches for a month (get your monies worth)
And do some serious research ................................

When I started years ago, I never even had my original birth cert (still only got a copy)

You need to start from somewhere
Cheers JP.bloody Taylors always causing problems for me .I married one!LOL.

Hi.tedg,Don't know if I've already asked you but did your wife have a Brother called Melvin he was a Taylor from Lulworth Ave. wonder if it's same family.
Sorry sid.My wifes brothers are Thomas,Lawrence,David,John and Robert.All from the scotch estate.

Tedg. Have sent you a p.m.
Thanks for that link Pat.

Is Derry a shorter term for londonderry.

Yes, Londonderry is known by its inhabitants as Derry, Northern Ireland. However there is a Derry in Co. Cork, Southern Ireland.
Lol...like I have said to many friends and family..lol...researching your 'Family Roots' can be brilliant ...but my ohh!! my, sometimes it can drive you crazy...WinkBut to all who may read this post...please, please never give up researching....Cait (((hugs)))to all fellow researchers...'Stay Positive'

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