T.V. as kid in jarra
I can remember coming home from school & mam leaning out the window saying, "Hurry up. There's a surprise for you." When I got in there was this Telly & Andy Pandy was on!
It must've been 52/53 'cos the Coronation was on later & the house was full of family & friends.
Arioch, aid me! Blood and souls for Arioch! :madgrin:Confusedcared:
Virgin seems to think they created cable tv.
Simonside estate had Redifussion since the houses were built in 1954. Remember the little box on the wall with a dial for about four BBC station and an off buttom. The wirless was just a black bakalite box with I think just a loadspeaker and a volume knob. The cables ran along the eves at the back of the houses and down into the dinning room at the back.
I think the council removed them years ago. My eve cables are still in situ.

one of my workmates (in the 70's) lived in Cramlington and got his tv through this cable service.
Pat Wrote:WOW! That brought back a few memories Mary!! I went to Google and typed in "Dick Barton signature tune", and got all the tunes of the programmes that you mentioned. Dick Barton was a favourite for lots of kids. Think it was on at 6:45p.m.? every week day, and we would go indoors and listen on the Rediffusion!!!! Smile
What about this for your viewing pleasure,we were spoilt for choice,this is for 13th July 1966.

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See the bloody football hogged the limelight again:mad:

first thing i ever saw on tv was the lone ranger,Big GrinBig Grin
crazy horse Wrote:first thing i ever saw on tv was the lone ranger,Big GrinBig Grin
Looking at the T.V. guide William Tell now that take's you back to the gold old day's.
One of my faves was Champion the Wonder Horse lolBig Grin
Casey Jones was a good one to watch. Loved Skippy as well.

Favourite was Flipper. Look at the link.

Haha loved them as well Big Grin
Children's Hour Favourites


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