St Pauls Church
Diven't Knaa where a got this from .

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The street in the back ground is amazing to see. Spot on! Ted. Is that the back of the church? I'm trying to work out where the houses would be now. One of your old maps, maybe?
tedg Wrote:Diven't Knaa where a got this from .

Ted like Jade I'm trying to work out the houses in the background which don't seem to be really old and St Paul's looks in pretty good condition compared to the present day. The houses don't seem to fit in with the church.
You would have expected cottages or similar for that era.
Great photo Tedg Smile
It looks as if the photo was taken from the old bridge area & if so, the houses would be somewhere in the direction of the park :confused::confused::confused:
Here's a map showing the church and the houses.Also another pic of the church taken in 1906

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Best view I've ever seen of the houses with the church, Ted. They are amazing.

You've out:cheer2:done yourself once again! Brilliant.

Do you know or anyone else know the name of the school?
Have a look on here I'm sure Patrick will have it on here.

Hi my family the Connollys lived in them houses, as a kid i used to go down for a walk from Brixham cres with my uncle, Joe Connolly and we would put some items in a secret place were our house was .
My mam is still alive 94 she lived there i will ask her when were they pulled down Mel T
The school was St Bede's Boys' School. The houses were demolished in the 1930's when the first Council house estate was built in Jarrow - in the vicinity of Springwell Park.

Hi that fits my grandperents moved to 66 Norham terr were i was first living MEL.T

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