St Paul's Monastery
tedg Wrote:Not a thing Cait.but there has been a couple of more cards on Ebay showing different views of the grave.
Here's one I've just come across....

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fisherman Wrote:Here's one I've just come across....

where abouts is this fisherman, as I don't recall seeing it when we have been down there.
Mary Wrote:where abouts is this fisherman, as I don't recall seeing it when we have been down there.
Mary,The stock's were taking away a few year ago,The photo I put on Is an old postcard,I'll try & find out what happened to the stock's...
Lot's of crocus In the ground's of St.Paul's.....Also good to see something else flying around...Smile....Daffodil's ready to bloom as well....

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good to see the flowers peeping thew surerly some warmer weather must be on the way.
for years the stocks were located just inside the main gates mary,maybe they have been moved inside the church to stop them being vandalised,or worse stolen for scrap.
Guess what I come across today......Glad to say The Stock's still survive..SmileI took a couple of pic's,Please note on the bottom of my first photo,Photo's Courtesy of Jarrow & Hebburn Local History Group,I wonder what happened to the steel cage the stock's were once In....Be good to have that back as well.......

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The steel cage was in a bad condition and was badly corroded with rust so it was scrapped.

bundy Wrote:hi all i remember the time before Bedes chair was cordoned off and anyone visiting could sit on it.
Here's an Old Pic of chair...

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