We're still having problems with spammers on this site and I am working on finding a plugin to help stop them. I have several installed already but some spammers still find a way around them.

By the way, spammers are mostly harmless to you. There's no risk of infecting your PC with any viruses, unless you click on any of their links and visit their sites of course.

Today I have installed another plugin that adds a security question on the sign up form that only a human would know. eg. What's Jarrow's closest town called? We'll see how this one fairs.

In the meantime, we can all help keep this site clean by reporting any posts you suspect look like the work of a spammer. Simply click [Image: postbit_report.gif] beneath the post and this will send a notification to myself and the moderators. If we agree its' spam, the post/user will be deleted.
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