Scullion-Shiels Family History
I am trying to find the Maiden name of Patrick Scullion's wife. At the moment I have found a Ada Waggott married Patrick Scullion sometime between Jan-Mar 1923.This is the part of the McNulty Family Tree.
Sarah McNulty Bn1880 Married Thomas Scullion. 10.04.1898.
Patrick Bn 1899
Thomas Bn.01.09.1906.
Sarah Bn.1920. Married Con Shiels Apr-Jun 1940.
Son. Con Shiels, He did a bit of research on the McNulty family which was past to me.If anybody has any Links with these Families, or can help,
Please contact me. :ranger:
Con Shiels lives at the top of my street in Featherstone Grove I believe.

He is also on the little Ireland video on youtube.

Think his daughter is a member of this site as well. She hasn't been on in ages but bet she has loads of cracking photos.
Is that Con Shields the 'Painter'?
Not sure Hartmann. He came from Primrose.
Hi Sapper
There is a marriage of Patrick Scullion to Ada Waggott on the south tyne side bmd the date of the marriage is 13/01/1923
Regards Brenda
Yes he did. Is he about 70+?
Yes definately. Bet he's more in the 80 - 90 bracket. I believe he saw his dad off in the Jarrow march.
Ah! It is the son I knew then. He was a bit younger than me.
Con Shields. Born Jul-Sep 1944, When the Marchers had reached London, they stayed at a place in the East End of London, Con Shields travelled down to London to see his father, but he had some trouble getting into the hall, as the police would only let people in who had one of the Jarrow Crusade Badges.
He is my Second Cousin once removed.:flame:
Thank You Brendra 56, That information tallies with mine, but I did not have the date, I also think that Patrick and Ada had Three Children,Wink

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