School trips and holidays
jarraman Wrote:When I was at the Central school we went to Patterdale. Done the usual Absailing, Hiking and Rock climbing.

We also went camping at Halwhistle/Greenhead.

Are the kids still allowed to go on trips with the school?

I was also at the central, can you rememeber going to the royal show at the town moore, with Miss Patty, she was the music teacher at the time, and a little scarry, but not now ofcourse
jara-cala Wrote:I was also at the central, can you rememeber going to the royal show at the town moore, with Miss Patty, she was the music teacher at the time, and a little scarry, but not now ofcourse

Sorry jara, we got kicked out of Central in 1975 coz the place was getting knocked down. We got sent to Springfield. Wasnt at Central then
I used to be in the bird watching club at school. We used to go all over the place. it always got me into trouble because I used to always get caught having a sly tabSmile. Next day outside the staffroom and 6 of the best. I am sure the teachers used to take our tabs and smoke them there selves though.
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What was your best School trip?...come on guys share your memories...Was it fishing, swimming, or just camping out.....Lots of youngsters would have enjoyed the trips out and many places to see around schools have day trips out today or is it all stopped.
We went to the Royal show on the town moor, with the Central school, it must have been about 1961/2.
The TA was there with a display of tanks, and we were allowed to climb on them,( can you believe that nowa days ),
When it was time to leave, the teacher called us off the tanks, being abit of a tomboy at that time, I decided to jump, catching the hem of my summer school dress on the edge of some hook on the way down, I was left hanging, showing my knickers and unable to reach the ground, I struggled and eventually riped the hem and fell to the ground, much to the amusment of my class mates, and the annoyance of the teacher. Otherwise a great day out
jara-cala cheers for sharing your day trip adventure....great memories..cheers CaitSmile
Admin Wrote:They do but the problem is getting teaches to volunteer to go along. They're not obliged to go as it's not strictly part of their job and with today's culture of blaim claim', any 'mishap' can see the teacher taking the blame.

I went to Springfield, or Springditz as we called it (a play on Colditz). We went to Patterdale as well and did the same things. I remember leding the group on our first alk and taking us in the wrong direction (everyone thought I knew where I was going). Whilst walking up Hellvellyn I was stopped on striding edge as they thought I had exposure. All was revealed when I eventually got back home; it turns out I had German Measles. Good fun though, especially the zip wire in he back of Patterdale hall. Oh, and I know who put the fist mark into Hellvellyn dormitory wall (not me by the way).
Howay Eddie tell Big Grin
When I was at Springa we always went to Braithwaite near Keswick the girls always got the Cabin and the boys got the tents :rain:... great fun though used to love doing the Scree runs down think it was scafell don't suppose your allowed to do that sort of thing nowadaysSad
tedg my brother and i went to holy island from st marys svdp,the brothers told us ghost stories most nights,great memories,have been back a few times for day visits over the years,cant understand why people are still being caught out on the causway by the tide.

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