Remember the Cavalier
did she do the cooking because i remember someone called kath in the kitchenSmile
Was she blond? attractive woman
Im not sure if she cooked,her husband was called Martin. Sadly her husband died over a year ago. Her maiden name was Fullerton.
St James Park till the day I die.
remember going there once a week with my mate and our wives .our order was always the same t.bone steak. well done and all the trimmings. remember one night .my mate and i went down stairs to have a game of darts when awell known Jarrow hard lad came in wont mention any names but he started to be abusive. so Ken Hails threaten to phone the police so he picked up one of those barrels that served as tables threw it over the bar dont know what happened next as we did a runner back upstairs yes remember it well . cheers
My earliest memory or the Cavalier club was going to a wedding reception upstairs, on Saturday, 5th May 1973. I was to young to go in the bar, so as soon as the meal was over I ran home as fast as I could to make sure I saw the FA Cup final at home. Apparently all the men went downstairs to the bar to watch the the match and the women stayed upstairs. I'm sure it was a men only bar and thats where the TV was. I suppose when the wedding was planned months before nobody could ever have predicted that Sunderland would be in the Cup Final.

In later years I used to play pool and darts in the bar and loved the one arm bandit outside the bar door, it was the only one I ever won any money on.

Before there was all day licensing hours it was one of the few places you could get an early pint in the evening , I think it used to open at 4.00pm,( 6.00pm everywhere else) which was handy if you were going to a match midweek because they used to kick off at 7.30pm in those days.
The cavalier was my dads local we lived just round the corner consequently I had my wedding reception there in 1974 and it turned out my father-in-law was a joiner and he made the bar upstairs many a time my dad and new husband were in the bad books after they decided to stay for the lock ins the T-bone steaks were the best meal we ever had at the time.Smile
(23 Aug 09, 5:47 PM)jarraman Wrote:  It was a club.  Think it was on North Sreet.

Yeah it was...ken hailed owned it near the end
great place lots of characters in there
(23 Aug 09, 5:44 PM)Cait Wrote:  Was the Cavalier a nightclub in Jarrow?  Cant remember this one, what street was it on? :help:

No it was a private club when i used to go, they had a great darts team back then and the steak and chips were great

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