Remember the Cavalier
Used to love going upstairs here.Meals were great and dead cheap too.Had many a lock in there.
Was the Cavalier a nightclub in Jarrow? Cant remember this one, what street was it on? :help:
It was a club. Think it was on North Sreet.
Cheers Jarraman, I will get the old map out later .....Smile
The cavalier club was in the old co op store it was masive inside i used to work there in the seventies i no we had some good lock ins there Ken hails was the owner.We had to stand at the corner of the bar with our trays untill somebody beckond us over for some drinks we used to carry trays full with drinks i don,t no how i never droped any. we alway got good tips of the customers for our floor service. we also served the meals, there most popular meal was a great big t bone steak with chips and veg.:wave:
I used to play darts for The Cav. We played in the small lounge down stairs.
My wife (Pauline) worked part time upstairs.
The Cav was fairy well known for it's different licensing hours.Basically, you could get a drink from 4.30 in the afternoon so the bar was usually full of lads in their working gear.
I remember it being called the scaffolders arms. I know my Dad and uncle frequented that place a lot. I saw me first stripper upstairs there, Bobby Knoksall was the comedian/compare. He heckled me that much he bought me a drink at the end of his act. Oh the fameSmile
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My sister had her wedding reception in there in May 1983. I have vague memories of it, but I was only 8 at the time. How that area has changed now. Back then you would have had the bingo next door to the Cavalier Club, the building with On Cue Snooker Club in it, The Boro Arms, The Cottage down the road, and the maisonettes across the road.
jarraman_1 Wrote:I remember it being called the scaffolders arms.

The scaffs used to take over most of the town at times there was that many of them
Lizciggy,during the time you worked there,did you come across a woman called Kathleen,who also worked upstairs in the bar area. During the 70's
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