Re-phrasing an inappropriate post/thread.
I hope I don't offend anyone but instead of deleting an inappropriate post/thread, why not ask the 'culprit' to remove it or amend it him/herself? that way no one gets offended/irritated by people going 'too far'/saying the wrong thing and it eliminates any insecurities: For example; 'Have I been vetoed'? 'I don't like that remark!'. ' He/she can't say that to me!' If requested to delete/amend a thread, the 'culprit' will know directly that the post is inappropriate.

After re-reading some of my own threads I have had to delete or re-phrase...its easily done when 'one' is passionate about something.

I Hope I haven't offended anyone.

Well I have had a lot of experience of running message boards/forums, joanii, going right back to 1998. Your idea is unworkable because it is built on the assumption that everyone is on the message board 'all the time' or at least daily. It doesn't work like that. An offender may also be quite oblivious to any wrong doing. Perhaps they talk to people like that in the real world. An offending post (remember it could be slanderous/libellous) could remain fr weeks while waiting for the culprit to amend it or return to the board., meanwile the credibily and standing of the whole site is damaged, and sufers just go to other sites (it happened to me) Also the owner of a forum has to like anyone else abide by the rules of the forum provider, however he'she or they alone are responsible for its content and risk having the whole site deleted (could be a complaint from a member of that forum or just a random surfer) The management of a forum has to be left to the owner, or his designated moderators. It is the best way, and in my view the only way.
All my forums have been un-moderated. Around 99.9% of people are reasonable. Unfortunately as in real life someone will go too far. My solution to anything I manage is if it cannot be solved, I delete the lot, and start again. After all it isn't real ife. But I do take your point, but cosider it unworkable. I dont interfere with any posts I make on any board (and I am a member of several) I collect my thoughts first and consider carefully what I have to saybefore commiting myself. I do of course edit any typos Cool of which there are many.
I am only giving my opinion mind. It is up to the moderators to decide if your idea is taken on board Smile
I fully understand what you say, Hartmann but if a moderator/admin reads the post and decides to delete it, surely they could contact that person to give them the opportunity to delete it themselves? No offence to anyone.
Er, personally I would delete it and if asked for an explanation by the author PM or e-mail them. However a moderator is required to make sure the site rules are adhered to, and can delete with impunity. This is purely a generalisation and does not directly apply to this or any other site. The owner of a board may choose (and a lot depends on their personality, long or short fuse, or a contol freak, and mind there are a few of those around)
Most boards on the web are run by eassy going people (like me) and everything is run on a lazzai faire (wrong spelling) basis and rarely delete or edit other people's post. i would never edit anyone elses post (to Orwellian). I believe posts should never be edited by a moderator/owner and remain unless they are insulting, slanderous or contain copyright text or images. If I had a post deleted without any feedback I would simply find another forum where a moderator allows (within the rules) free speech. BTW I have never, ever had a post deleted anywhere. Have you? Wink
No. I havent either. I've had a look round at other sites but dont know anything about them. I've tried that Heburn site [for 2 days] but its too basic and frustrating. This site is just right for me. I was simply interested in 'deleting posts' because I thought I had been vetoed the other day and its an awful feeling. It wasn't about not having access to the site it was the thought of having that type of thing done to me when I thought I hadn't offended anyone, I felt sympathy for jp, think our beloved moderator is spot on..and I didn't mean it as a negative criticism, it was just a subjective, suggestion.
Thanks for responding, anyway Hartmann. Its not nice when you're asked for suggestion and when you do give one, dont get any response. Or are you a new moderator? Sad
It has to be left down to the moderator or the boss (Admin). What if there is bad language, slanderous posts etc. You can't wait to have these posts removed. Don't forget we have all ages viewing this board.

The power lies with the owner of this site (and so it should do) he pays for the upkeep.

At the end of the day, stick by the rules, use politeness and netiquette and everything will run fine. It has done for the last 15 months.

Anyway here is one part of the site rules:

We don't intend to censor messages based on the opinions expressed within posts, but we will enforce the policies outlined both here and on the Forum. We reserve the right to remove, modify or move posts at our discretion and without explanation. Please email the "" if you do not understand any of the rules, guidelines or policies outlined below.

Think we should end it there.
joanii Wrote:Thanks for responding, anyway Hartmann. Its not nice when you're asked for suggestion and when you do give one, dont get any response. Or are you a new moderator? Sad

No. I'm not a moderator. I just responded to your message, and I still am unceratin what your point is Smile
As I said I have been running forums sice the mid 90s and have a lot of experience on the web, thats all.
There are two types of forums, this type a stand alone PHBB and a forum attached to a website, to encourage visititors (like guest book) In latter (I have four) the forum is secondary to the web site (or should be) I let mine moderate themselves,any problems and I delete them (as with websites too) after all it isn't the real world. Basically in a nutshell what Jarraman said is it Smile Personally I am very tolerant, but draw the line at personal insults, as I am sure moderators all over the world would agree with me on that one.
I don't know whether you are famliar with 'newsgroups' but on these people who are disruptive are called 'Trolls' Trolls can act normally sometimes but are in the main 'bad' The method of dealing with Trolls on Newsgroups is to simply ignore them. If anyone responds to a Trolls posts. dozens of messages appear 'Don't feed the Trolls, so they are ignored until they go away. And it works. The owner of a newsgroup very rarely steps in as the members sort things out. Forum/message boards are quite different.
I have experience of both and I just thought I would answer your question. Really I feel matters like this should be addressed to the moderator/and /or/Admin, if you have a problem that is.
The text in italics is merely information based on my experience. If you haven't tried newsgroups have a go, they are whacky, informative and fun. I a member of a few specialist NGs and get answers to technical question within seconds. Some times messages are non stop.
As Jarraman says 'Think we should end it there' Smile
I fully understand and totally agree with you. :first: I don't know anything about advert supported or any other type or free chat rooms. My simple question was as I said previously, based on my own subjective experience. Thanks for your response, you are a star.
I think the main points have been answered here but I just want to iterate, that as the forum owner, I am responsible for the content on this site. If someone posts something that a 3rd party finds offence\liable then it's me they'll be coming after.

So anything that I\moderators feel is inappropriate for this site is edited\deleted. You may or may not agree with some of the edit\deletions but don’t forget, it’s my neck on the chopping block. :eek:

The rules on this site are relatively relaxed and the vast majority of users don’t ever come close to breaching them. But it all it takes is one unchecked remark that prompts someone to take action (against me) and this site is closed down overnight.
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