Poll: Is the photograph albums too long/complicated. Would you like to see a change?
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No-leave it as it is.
7 38.89%
Yes-at the moment it takes to long to look at photographs
7 38.89%
Not bothered - go with the flow.
3 16.67%
I have another idea.
1 5.56%
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Photographs fao Admin
Cait Wrote:Hi Jarraman, not too sure about another album 'vintage photographs' the fact that members have photos in their own albums works great for me, and they are all in the one place.

One idea that would simplify things as regards albums, would be that all 'Wildlife-Flora' photographs to be collected under one sub-folder.
The same could be done with the 'School' photos. re setting up another sub-folder. Bit like what Paul Admin did for my Genealogy section..(just a thought if it helps)
This would then tidy up the album system, and for new members they can find things quicker.
All other members photograph albums, would then stay as they are at present.
The idea would be to keep things simple, if it gets too complicated then the site ends up with problems.
cheers Cait

Sorry but this has already been done about a year ago. The school photos and the Jarrow wildlife are in their own albums. OR have I read wrong.
jarraman Wrote:Sorry but this has already been done about a year ago. The school photos and the Jarrow wildlife are in their own albums. OR have I read wrong.

Hi Jarraman, I have just sat and gone throught the members photo albums on site phew!! Smilebrilliant (need a cupa)
What I realised is that we have many albums with 'Wildlife- Flora-etc' ( I lost count after six of them) that could be..
Thats if the 'photo owners' say its okay, be all put under one album heading.
That way it would be easy for members to view all the lovely wildlife pictures in one space.Smile And we have some excellent photos within the forum.Smile

One thing I did notice, and you will be able to see for yourself is that a number of 'Albums' have been set up/given a title, but as I write the member has not posted any photos in the albums.

The system of 'Albums' that we have at present, gives each member the choice to either let - 'Everyone see their photos or maybe just registered members or maybe just friends on the Jarrow Forum'
This action can give privacy to members if they choose one of the above.
Like Bill 'Hartman' I enjoy viewing the members photos albums, more so with a cupa ...Smile If all else fails just don't change the system its working okay..cheers Cait
As a newbie and not really viewed all the excellent photos properly yet and various albums and also voted to go with the flow...might i make a small suggestion.?
This one regards wildlife, a few sites on the web start a record of bird and wildlife sightings on the first of the year till the last day of the year.

Any photo,s are included within this time span on these sites of different species regardless of how good the shots are.. first come first served really and encourages anyone with a basic digi camera/mobile phone to try for records of thier encounters with nature when out and about. This way it gives everyone a chance to be included regards photo's on a public album.
It does get competitive! as ive viewed on these sites in the past, but i think you's lot on here would'nt let it bother you's...and have a good laugh trying!Big Grin..
I for one would sooner see the excellent photo's produced by good folk like yourselfs than some of the near pro. lads i know...(me and others will fill in the blanks when need be)
This ones means more work for the Mods. i know.Sad
Thanks for the input Steve. Looking forward to Admin making a descision on this. Be a nightmare for him. Big Grin
Thread now closed. Awaiting Admin to decide. Wink

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