Parrots in the park
fisherman Wrote:Don't give up,It's amazing how bird's survive.

Thanks for the encouragement fisherman, I live in hope that it has survived. I would have loved them to have started breeding before the other one died.
hello everyone and belated happy new year to reply to post about parrots can't help with northern sightings but doesn't suprize me,i am a jarra lass living outskirts london (surrey
) we have a massive colony of these parrots living in trees on the common near me. they are recorded and numbered. they all fly at dusk back to the trees and its quite a sight the sky is green with literally thousands of them and the noise is deafening.we see them everyday .i will have to see if i can get photo one of these days.
I would love to see some of them migrate up to the north east, they are so beautiful, I used to watch a lot of them in majorca when I was over there,but as you say they are noisy.

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