Parrots in the park
My son & daughter-in-law take there small dog to the park 3-4 times a week, the parrots have been in the trees by the fountain all year, very timid but eat all the fruit they take for them.
Ok, i'll try again tommorow night.

Jarrowlass tell them to try and get a photo.

Before me.
any sign of the parrots yet Jarrwman?
Sent you a PM Mary.
There was an item on the radio last week about paraketes becoming a nusiance in the south and that they could be destroyed without a special pest control licence.
Could this be true. An eagle owl on the loose in Jarrow. Read the link. Sounds genuine as well.
Jarraman, you might have more luck seeing the parrots shortly as the leaves fall from the trees. They live and nest in holes in trees so be on the look out for any holes about 3-4ins across.

The two most obvious sites being the cemetery and Springwell park but Louis Botto's old place adjacent to Dene terrace has or had some big old trees in it and some of the big willows along the Don could have water cavities caused by branches snapping off.

Big old conifers that hold their leaves would give them some shelter over winter but I can't think of anywhere off hand in Jarrow where to find one. The Cemetery has a few ancient yews that would be worth a look.

As to the Eagle owls, a lot of the garden centres up here have bird of prey centres and I dare say a few of the free flying birds go missing now and again. Some of the birds have short range transmitters attached to their legs to cover such eventualities. A few years ago, before our dump was closed down, an Eagle owl was used to scare off the gulls.

Good hunting. :photo:
They were down by the pigeon crees this afternoon about 2-30.Only one pair.They flew from Bede terrace area across to the trees under the crees.
Observed a Bat yesterday in Valley View park. Approx 5.30pm and it was tiny.
I think there is a bat in the bird box next door as my neighbour seen it go in the other night, she said she was sure it wasn't a bird,

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