Parrots in the park
Springwell park has had a couple of Parrots residing the last few months.

I know they are now wild in parts of London but has anyone seen or heard about them here? I thought it would have been a bit cold here.

My source is a local gardener who has been observing them for a number of months.
Jarraman, they were introduced in the south from India in the 60's. check out the wikipedia link under "feral rose ringed parakeets".

It's more than likely that these are what they are. I didn't think they had made it so far North. There is supposed to be a colony of thousands around London. Kensington I think.
Me and me mate used to know a couple of coloufull birds that frequented Springwell park.................they weren't parrots though. Big Grin
Saw a couple at the Primrose nature reserve in the spring.They were flying around by the new houses.
Cheers, that confirms it then. The nature reserve and Springwell park are very close.

Wonder who is going to be the very first to photograph a wild Parrot in Jarrow.

I was round there again tonight and still nowt.:mad:
Seems as if everything done a bunk.Haven't seen the swans for a while.Or the fox for that matter.
Yes the Swans have gone. The Heron was there though. Never seen the Fox yet. Seen loads of Squirrels in the Cemetary.

Determined to catch a glimpse of these Parrots though. Wink
There was a woodpecker in the cemetary earlier on this year heard it a couple of times.Last time I saw the fox it ran through the fielld next to Ecfrid tce and dissapeared into the trees .It never came out though maybe cos me dog was knocking about.The first time I saw it was at top of the bank near Hill park .The fox,the dog and me all sort of looked as if to say bloody hell.Then the fox disappeared and that was it.
My mate is a Postman. He travels to Jarrow very early morning via Primrose Tce, Springwell Rd etc.

He informs me that every single morning he observes at least one Fox, sometimes more.

He smashed his motor last year swerving to avoid two Foxes that ran out in front of him in Springwell Rd.

Anyone got any photos of these?
Yes I can confirm the woodpeckers. A very close friend of mine Rob Frankish used to go bird watching there and spotted them a couple of times.Smile
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