New year diet
I'm sure you will do fine once you start up again.  You must have good will power!

Are you going somewhere nice?
I cannot wait for the warm weather.  It's warm here now but it's the kind of warm that brings tornados and bad thunder storms.  (never happy!)
well here is the latest up date,I am now at 10stone three pound, (wet threw) so any added wirght is clothes. not really taking what I am eating too serious but just eating little and often, in other words I am constantly Nibbling  Smile Smile Smile Smile
Sounds like a good weight to me Mary!!
I'm a couple of pounds more than that, but I've lost an inch in height.  All through my young teenage years I tried to stretch up to be 5'5'.  I made it to 5'4 1/2 inches....... and now I've lost it. Sad
 It's not the hight I worry about Pat it's the width, when the Middle age spread started it forgot when to stop.y Smile Smile Smile
I think you don't need a diet.
I always think and plan a lot about keeping a strict diet, but it never works for me !!
I believe in the Atkins diet, primarily because it's foundation is good, natural food, ie vegetables, plus protein such as chicken, egg, meat or fish, and no refined sugar at all. Drinking only water - though you can have coffee, with cream. You can basically eat as much of the above as you want. Main thing is, you don't really get hungry.

One aspect of the diet is that you must do serious exercise every day.

It was my birthday the other day. A week before that I was on Atkins and lost nearly 2" from around my waist. At birthday height 5'8", waist 32.5".
I tried Atkins diet and was satisfied. I managed to break a few pounds. In general, it can be said that the diet is healthy and universal (suitable for most people).
It's a good diet but it is demanding

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