New year diet
Big Grin 
well here is the latest about the wieght loss, on my own scale's at home I am now down to 143 pounds which is about 10 stone 2 or3 pounds not doing to bad. but no one has mentioned i look any differrent but i can tell by my clothes the waist band's are not as tight  Big Grin Big Grin
Just keep going Mary....We know you can do It....
Keep it up Mary! I have been on the "Lose the Flab" kick for the last year...It has come off slowly but surely and I have lost almost 2 stone ... no one noticed or commented that I looked thinner until I was down 1 1/2 stone so don'e expect people to notice right away, but they will notice eventually.
thanks for the encouragement fisherman and Huggis I am feeling better for the bit I have lost, so I will carry on with my healthy eating plan, Mind I do have the odd day when I tend to over do it a little, but still manage to get back on course for my goal of around nine stone.
Well here is latest up date had a 12 week assessment and I have lost 2 inches off my hips and 3 inches off my waist  but still around 10stone 10pounds but the good news is that my niece noticed last night when she seen me the first thing she said was have you lost weight I. Was over the moon that someone had finally seen a difference.
Think I found your 2" Mary!!  Smile

You're doing great.  Congratulations.
Keep carrying on Mary....You're doing really well..
How are you doing Mary?  Haven't seen any updates lately!  Hope you didn't overdo the Easter eggs! Smile
Mary's keep feeding me the cake's she make's,So while she's losing weight I think she's trying to fatten me up... Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Hi Pat not doing so good just now as since the clocks went forward my biorhythms haven't caught up with it yet I have put a bit more on still about six pound below my starting weight thou. Will not get back on healthy eating for about an other month as I have a couple of holidays booked, and I am not getting as much exercise as I was as the arthritis has been plying me up a bit lately 

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