New year diet
(04 Jan 15, 9:54 AM)fisherman Wrote:  
(04 Jan 15, 1:49 AM)Mary Wrote:  well here is todays report, I have been so good today with my eating  that I allowed myself a treat tonight, and had a nice slice of date and wallnut cake, but the exerscise has been bad today, not had a lot of it, in fact I have had non, but watch this space as come monday that will all change.

I'm just thinking I could of helped you with your diet.....Because I forgot to get my bit of Date & Walnut cake off you...... Big Grin ....So what's happening on Monday are you having 2 slice's of cake... Big Grin Big Grin Wink
Well next time I make one I will save you a nice big piece caus it was lovely. And you will have to wait for Monday's post to see. The big weigh in is on Tuesday when I go. To see the dietition so watch this space Big Grin
Today I have been very good again with my healthy eating, and I went to the gym for an hour, and i really enjoyed it, but I bet I am all achs and pains tomorrow. And tomorrow is weigh in day so I will know if I have over done it at Christmas . Well let you know tomorrow so watch this space.
well all my hard work is begining to show at the weigh in today I had lost two pounds,  Angel so Birdman my present weight is now 10stone 12 pound.Cool
but as I antisipated this morning I was all aches and pain's with all the extra exercising I have been doing ( but a good rub of the muscles with voltiro; soon shifted that.) I will be back exercsing again tomorrow, and I have been very good today with my healthy eating Plan. could even have a treat if I wanted, Dodgy I might later on. watch this space
They say there's no gain without pain Mary. well done and keep it up. Smile

I'm sure fisherman will be more than willing to jeopardise his own wellbeing to help you keep to the straight and narrow by eating all your date and walnut cake. Wink
Well done Mary....Just keep the good work up and I'm sure any muscle ache's your getting will soon disappear the more exercising you're doing....Hope there's some cake left to go with my cuppa on thursday.... Wink Big Grin
Well might have. Over done it today as I have. Had cake and chocolates today but soon know at the weigh in on tuesday must get back in the right frame of mind tomorrow. Sad
Well you've got to do something with the  Christmas stuff Mary.I'm into my second Christmas

That's the thing tedg but I also bake a lot and can't resist it,  I will keep on trying thou when the weather gets a bit better and I can get in my garden I won,t be baking as much. Summer is on the way! Watch this space 
Well our Christmas cake is long gone so the wife is concentrating now on finishing the leftover drink before she starts her diet. (I'm sticking to the boxes of Roses and Thornton's toffee). Angel
 Birdman I have so much chocolate I will be eating it till Easter but t might make a chocolate orange cake to use some of it up, but it's a toss up which is the worst the cake or the chocolates on ther own.

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