New Whitburn ponds
Yesterday spent at whitburn ponds, quiet. Tufted ducks in one of the ponds, other one deserted. A Linnet and sparrows. Loads of Speckled Woods.

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A visit to Hurworth Burn Reservoir(Durham),on wednesday frist time i have been two this site.Great Crested Grebe 4,lots of Swallow,House Martin,Sand Martin,& Swift.A few Silhouettes of the Swift's.

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Anyone interested in encouraging wildlife into their gardens might be interested in a piece featured in Gardener's World last night. One lady had a lovely garden with lots of good ideas, like using pizza trays to provide stability for birds to feed on, and whisks filled with dog hair to be used for nesting material. She had 17 webcams set up... Careful, it could become an obsession! WinkSmile
May your troubles be less, your blessings be more, nothing but happiness come through your door.

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